DS4Y Training Package

It is your responsibility to support candidates to grow their digital and business skills through on-the job training and professional development opportunities. As an approved DS4Y employer, you are eligible to be reimbursed for training for your interns—this means you can invest in your intern’s development at no cost! 

ECO Canada has designed a professional development package to support you in meeting the funding requirements for training and keeping your interns engaged, building-skills, and planning their path forward.  Our package is fully reimbursable and includes:

ECO Impact 2021 Conference & Awards Registration 

  • Registration for ECO Impact 2021, an online event featuring plenary sessions and panel discussions on current trends and opportunities in Canada’s environmental sector, including digital skills for success. This is a live event, but all sessions will be recorded and available to access on-demand. 

Online, Self-Directed Course Enrollment 

  • Enrollment in the self-paced, web-based training Project Management Essentials and one other online course program of your choice. Our other course topics include technical writing, communications, law, consulting, and sustainable energy projects.  

Environmental Professional-in-training Certification  

  • Environmental Professional-in-training Application and First Year Certification Fees, a professional designation that offers a professional development frameworkmentorship opportunities, and access to all of ECO Canada’s webinars for free. 

How to register your intern(s): 

Complete payment for your program registration fees. Add one product to the cart for every DS4Y intern you would like to enroll. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email to finalize your registration and identify the candidate you would like to be enrolled.  

How to be reimbursed:  

Enter the product name and amount on your DS4Y Host application and save your receipt as proof of purchase. The amount will be reimbursed to you has a part of your regularly scheduled distributions.