IMM EPt Application and Certification Fees


As a selected Immigrant Bridging Program participant with a valid degree, you have been pre-approved for the EPt application and certification. The combined cost of the application and certification is $330. Purchase before January 31, 2020 to be fully reimbursed. 

We will walk you through the application process and help you become a certified Environmental Professional in Training! 

Professional EP® Designation (Certification) Participation

For skilled professionals that have moved to Canada and need to establish professional credibility, acquiring a reputable designation can be the differentiator in acquiring meaningful employment. Because of your participation in the Immigrant Bridging Program, we have determined that you will receive automatic approval to acquire the EPt® (EP in training) membership level of this professional designation. By participating in this membership, you will unlock access to a wealth of benefits and resources that will help you on your career journey here in Canada.  

Membership benefits include:

  • National recognition with formal validation of technical competencies
  • Access to Professional Mentorship – a program dedicated to matching entry-level to mid-level professionals with leaders in the sector who can provide career guidance and advice
  • Free Quick-Hit Online Learning – over 40 webinars are available for free to members on a range of topics from career preparedness to technical skill development
  • Free Meet Ups – members can attend or host networking events across the country to connect with local peers and build valuable connections
  • Discounts on Training and Workshops – members receive 25% off training and workshops that we host in cities across Canada
  • Other benefits – discounts on lifestyle, insurance and other programs to support their career development